200 AMP 40-40 PRO-PACK


Single-phase, 200 Amp main breaker load center with 40 spaces/40 circuits. Value pack load center includes 3 single pole 20-Amp circuit breakers and 1 double pole 30-Amp circuit breaker. Aluminum bus. Features Siemens patented insta-wire technology which allows for quick and easy installation because screws are already backed out, ready for wire insertion on ground and neutral bars. Combination head screw on the neutrals, ground, trim, upper pan and bond screw provide installation flexibility. Single sided inboard neutral on 24 circuits and below, dual on 30 circuits and above. Mounting tabs on the trim hold the load center in place freeing up both hands to drive the trim screws. A rigid, sturdy base pan provides the ruggedness required for the harshest applications. NEMA type 1: enclosure is intended for indoor use primarily to provide protection against contact with the enclosed equipment in locations where unusual service conditions do not exist.

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