Danco Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring with Bolts


Perfect Seal is an innovative new product that takes the guesswork out of toilet installation. Perfect Seal is truly universal and it will work with any toilet installation. It fits any drain size and flange depth. Whether your flange is above the floor or below the floor due to re-tiling, the Perfect Seal guarantees a perfect seal the first time, every time. The patented seal design combines specially designed rubber gaskets with encapsulated wax to form a seal that is three times stronger than a wax ring without the mess. Unlike wax rings, the Perfect Seal stabilizes toilet bolts and allows the toilet to be re-positioned as needed. It accommodates flange heights from 1/2 in. above the floor to 1-1/2 in. below the floor and maintains a tight seal when common toilet and floor movement occurs. Depending upon the height of the floor flange and the toilet horn, there may be instances when the toilet may not sit flush to the floor. In these situations, the black plastic ring that is inside the gray rubber casing of the Perfect Seal can be removed. The removal of this hard plastic ring will allow the Perfect Seal to be fully compressed and the toilet should then sit flush with the floor.

NO MESS TOILET INSTALLATION: The Perfect Seal encapsulates the wax with rubber delivering a strong seal without the sticky mess
TOILET CAN BE RE-POSITIONED: Unlike wax rings, perfect seal allows the toilet to be re-positioned as needed
MAINTAINS A TIGHT SEAL: The Perfect Seal maintains a tight seal even when common toilet and floor movements occur
STRONGER SEAL THAN TRADITIONAL WAX RINGS: The patented seal design delivers a 3 times stronger seal than traditional wax rings
ACCOMMODATES DIFFERENT FLOOR HEIGHTS: The Perfect Seal can be used to install your toilet whether it is above the floor or below the floor
PERFECT SEAL DIMENSIONS: Inner Dimension of adapter is 2-5/8 inch; Inner Dimension of Center of Seal is 2-3/8 inch.
HELPFUL INSTALL TIP: If the toilet does not sit flush to the floor upon installation, the black plastic ring inside the gray rubber casing can be removed allowing the perfect seal to be fully compressed floor
TOILET BOLTS INCLUDED: Complete toilet install kit includes (2) stabilizing toilet bolts, washers and nuts
UNIVERSAL DESIGN works for the majority of toilet installations
HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: With the Perfect Seal, a toilet can be a one person DIY install

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