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Merrill MFG CNL7501 No Lead Frost Proof C-1000 Series Yard Hydrant, 3/4" Pipe Connection, 1 ft. bury, with Galvanized Steel Stand Pipe

Merrill Manufacturing

The Merrill C-1000 Yard Hydrant gives year-round water service to customers in all climates at an economical price point. The C-1000 utilizes lever control flow allowing users to change the water flow from a slow trickle to a full rush with the simple move of the handle. A pivot connector with two nuts is used in place of set screws to ensure adjustments can be made years later, where typical set screws rust into place. A self-lubricating, one-piece plunger diminishes concern over sticking and bonding. The double bypass valve body gives users a high-flow option for an affordable hydrant. Designed with swivel parts, users can remove and replace the C-1000's internal parts without ever digging up the hydrant. Created with cold weather in mind, the incorporated drain hole allows water to drain out creating confidence in year-round use in all climates.

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